Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joe's Crab Shack!

So tonight, Todd and I decided to go to Joe's Crab Shack. It's one of his favorite places to eat, but I had never been there... which makes sense since I'm not a seafood eater. But, its right across the street from our apartment complex and Todd has been talking about going since we moved in. Plus, I wanted to see if crab might be the first form of seafood I enjoyed. The atmosphere was really cool, the restaurant was just a big open room and where we sat, we could see into the kitchen (kind of neat). Todd ordered the Classic Steam Pot (Dungeoness crab, Snow crab and shrimp). I was a baby and ordered steak with cheesy potatoes. We shared a huge fishbowl-sized "Category 5 Hurricane" (which was absolutely delicioussss). Once the food came, Todd went to town. I've never seen him so excited, he was like a little kid.

I tried the Dungeoness crab first, it was really sweet and not so bad actually. I didn't like the Snow crab so much, it wasn't terrible, but it was too fishy for my taste. My steak was so-so, but the cheesy potatoes were to die for! Todd cleaned his pot, we drank our gallon of yummy booze, shelled-out $60 and walked our fat, happy butts home.

Todd gives Joe's Crab Shack an 8 out of 5(he really loves his crab)! I give it a 3 out of 5, only because I don't get down with the sea bugs, but I had a really good time, the atmosphere was awesome!

And now, some pictures!

and then it arrived!

he was so excited!!!

digging in.

he was being a goof!

our huge draaank and todd chowing down.

my cheesy potatoes.

the damage has been done!!!

Thanks for reading!!! <3

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