Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dump Post

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I'm just getting a hang of balancing my new job and school all together. This post will probably have a lot of stuff in it, I haven't decided yet.

First off! There is something extremely self satisfying about making your own mayonnaise!!! I highly recommend it! I did it sans electric mixer, blender or food processor.... just plan old elbow grease (and bouncing up and down, that helped ease the ache in my arm)!! I used Kayotic Kitchen's recipe for it, I didn't have white vinegar so I used red wine vinegar, and the oil I opted for was canola. In addition, I added paprika to it, for a little smokey sweetness. A lot of people recommend using some sort of squeeze bottle or something that will pour the oil out really slowly. I would agree with this, unless you're like me and you have
wonderful boyfriend who loves to help in the kitchen! He drizzled the oil for me, and stirred once in a while when I couldn't stand it any more. We loved the end result, and it was quickly used up on sandwiches throughout the week!

Then we have... SHISH KABOBS!!! Todd had a friend visiting from out of town, and the first thing he said when he got here was, "I want to to have a BBQ!" So we went to the grocery store to try to find something to grill up. We saw bone-less chicken thighs on sale so we thought "shish kabobs!!!" I made a marinade that flavored the meat in under 20 minutes and tasted so good, so so good. And I want to share the recipe with you!
Awesome grilling marinade!
3/4cup Soy Sauce
1/4cup canola oil
1/4tsp Worcestershire sauce
2tbsp Grilling spice mixture, I used Weber Grill Creations, the Kickin' Chicken flavor
1tsp Black pepper
1tbsp Red Pepper Flakes (optional, we love the extra spiciness)
1/2tsp Garlic Powder

Whisk it up really well and pour it over the chicken (or whatever kind of meat you chose to use, I swear this will taste great on anything!) and let it sit in the fridge long enough for you to prep your veggies and skewers. I would say about 20 min, thats how long I left them in there and they turned out DELICIOUS!

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  1. Hi Sam, I love your blog's layout. It's so clean and you can really focus on the pictures. I think your shish kabob looks and sounds delicious, so I will try it before summer's officially gone. :(